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Toilet accidents happen in many different ways. Some children may not make the connection between the urge to pee and poo and the potty. Gentle reminders to use the potty can be helpful when such accidents happen, just without overdoing the reminder part to avoid stressful situations.

Associating fun situations with the potty even before starting the training is a great way of establishing not only the necessary associations, but also for creating a fun-based context around the use of the potty.

The ToyLet® inbuilt compartment for “toilet entertainment” items helps this connection along! Before your kid starts the proper potty training phase, by storing books and toys in the “tank” compartment your toddler will know there will be dedicated entertainment waiting to make this moment as fun as play.

No matter how well prepared, once your toddler starts potty training, accidents may still happen simply because she is having too much fun and doesn’t want to stop playing. Hide ToyLet® associated objects, such as a toilet roll, wipes, a potty book and a toy in the house and play treasure hunt with your toddler, then bring back the objects and store them in the compartment or on the toilet roll holder. Toilet entertainment object can also include soap bubbles – blowing bubbles while sitting on the potty is relaxing and engages the abdominal muscles that help the elimination. And since praise is a very useful reward, celebrate successes using our downloadable ToyLet®Chart! (PDF: 95.24 KB)

Download the Potty Training Chart (PDF: 95.24 KB)
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