How to address common potty training fears • ToyLet® baby potty mini wc

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Learning to go potty is not always easy for toddlers – sometimes children are afraid of the potty, which feels unfamiliar, uncomfortable or too big; adult-sized toilets seem very big, the toilet flush is loud and “makes things disappear”. Remember that in getting rid of diapers, toddlers are breaking a familiar and reassuring habit. “Letting it go” into an open space instead of a soft diaper feels unusual and can be scary. Toddlers repeatedly refusing or showing distress to go potty can actually be experiencing fear, discomfort or separation fear.

Common feelings associated with toilet training are related to discomfort, such as the seat feeling cold and hard (you can explain it will warm up when you sit on it), or of water splashing on the bottom. Common fears are those of falling into the toilet, of being pulled in, or fear of animals and other creatures living in the plumbing and grabbing you by the bottom. Young children can’t distinguish between fantasy and reality, so it’s important to offer comfort and to reassure them. ToyLet® is designed to look like a grown-up toilet, but is toddler-sized to offer the comfort your kid needs.
The flushing sound is rewarding without any potentially scary water swirl or other adult-toilet drama.

Sitting like a grown up, using a personal toilet roll to learn to wipe and completing the operations with a realistic flushing sound are all rewarding situations that help transitioning to the real thing while having fun and feeling grown up.

For children experiencing separation fear, it may feel like parts of themselves are falling into the bowl. Whereas flushing and waving bye-bye to pee and poo may help in some cases, if your toddler is persistently scared, empty the ToyLet® bowl into your regular toilet and flush when your kid is out of earshot. Over time children generally learn this is a normal function and will stop experiencing fear.

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