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A kid-oriented approach means you will stay on the lookout for your toddler to demonstrate the necessary skills, abilities and interests to kick off the actual potty training phase, but this does not mean you should just wait and see! Your toddler is learning new things at an astounding pace and prep work goes a long way in creating the necessary familiarity that will serve you well even when setbacks happen: your kid will catch up easier once the association is there.

By leveraging imitation, cooperation, language and play ToyLet® helps your kid catch up with the necessary and articulate abilities for getting out of diapers.


What is the toilet for? Explain how and why we go the bathroom. You can read stories about the potty or discuss how pets or other animals also eliminate. Kids love explanations and making them feel involved is a good way of establishing cooperation and encouragement.

Find the right words

Decide early on what words you are going to use to identify needs (such as “pee and poo”, “number one and number two”), associating these with body signals: “are you going pee or poo?” Inform other caregivers about the specific words used and about the training method to ensure your toddler is learning consistently. Pick words you don’t find embarrassing to make sure their use will come natural!


Aside from being able to walk to the potty, your toddler is learning a whole set of motor skills, such as getting undressed, wiping herself and getting dressed again. Training for the different skills separately and in stages can be very helpful – praising and encouraging will pave the way for further progress as your kid catches up with all abilities.


Let your toddler sit on the ToyLet® fully clothed, or have a favorite soft toy going potty on the ToyLet® . In other words, explain in a playful setting. You can ask your child to help a toy imitate the behavior to explore potty use and learn how to get the toy out of diapers. This is also a great way to prepare getting rid of anxiety: play the toy has an accident and offer reassurance that it’s okay not to get to the potty on time and that your are sure it will get better next time.

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