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Children are natural imitators – babies are born to learn and have innate abilities to observe and copy: this is how they learn (among many other things) to establish their first social relations. Toddlers constantly learn by doing: modeling the behaviour you want to see in them enables them to learn performing tasks as well as acquiring behaviours, such as patience and kindness. By showing them how to sit on the toilet and explaining what you are doing, toddlers can learn by observing, as well as make a connection between bodily needs and the decision to use the toilet. You can have your child sit on the ToyLet® mini-WC and watch you or an older sibling use a grown-up toilet to establish role modeling. ToyLet® is designed to facilitate the process of getting rid of diapers through imitation! The realistic design and features help your kid make a connection between the object and its function

Every child is different, and while some children will feel relieved in getting rid of a dirty diaper as soon as possible, many are motivated by imitating older siblings or peers who are already trained: ToyLet® makes this easier because it is designed to look like a grown- up toilet and makes imitation immediate!

Praise all attempts to use the toilet, even if nothing happens – toddlers may experience toilet training setbacks and accidents happen. Bear in mind that showing disappointment is negative feedback: always encourage your child by offering reassurance that he or she is on the way to using the toilet like a big kid. Small rewards, such as our downloadable ToyLet®Chart (PDF: 95.24 KB) will help you track successes by adding a sticker or just ticking. Praises like “you are such a big kid” or pointing out the child is being successful go a long way with toddlers. Once your child is trained, let her or him pick a new pairs of big kid underwear to celebrate the result!

ToyLet®Chart (PDF: 95.24 KB)
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