So much more than a potty, ToyLet® is a miniature toilet with realistic features, such as the flushing sound, a toilet roll holder and a lid that opens and closes. The “big kid” feeling is powerful in getting rid of diapers.

ToyLet® is for toddlers aged 18 months and up to 25 kilograms weight.

Because ToyLet® looks and feels like a grown-up toilet and encourages your child to imitate the behavior of parents, older siblings or trained peers! Imitation is how tiny tots learn so many things.

The “tank” part can be assembled and removed for storage, making this compact mini toilet even easier to put away.

Full measurements are available here:

Mini ToyLet Potty Training Dimensions

ToyLet® weighs approximately 1.5 kilograms (3.31 pounds) and can be easily be lifted and moved.
Make sure to follow the safety warnings:
Instructions and Warnings (PDF: 645.72 KB).

ToyLet®  includes 3 LR44 AG13 button batteries.
Toilet roll not included.

Yes, the batteries of the flushing sound module can be replaced.

Make sure to follow the battery-specific instructions and warnings (PDF: 645.72 KB).

Because it’s a miniature toilet where your toddler can sit and do things “big people” do without experiencing common toilet fears like falling in, being drawn it, seeing things disappear, etc.

Also, adult toilets (and sometimes potties) are too big. Having an own toilet paper roll helps learning hygiene and the no-scare flushing sound also are unique features.

ToyLet® has an easy-clean removable bowl.

Lift the bowl, empty in it in your regular toilet and flush.
Wipe the bowl with a damp cloth, using mild soap and water.

Do not use abrasive sponges or granular detergents for cleaning to avoid scratching the surface finish.

Potty Training Tips from our Team are available here.

Download our Potty Training Chart to reward your toddler for a job well done:
Potty Training Chart (PDF: 95.24 KB)

Donwload full Instructions and Warnings:
Instructions and warnings (PDF: 645.72 KB).