The ToyLet® method for going diaper free • ToyLet® baby potty training

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About us

Ours is a family company founded by our Dad over 30 years ago and we have gained a long-term experience in developing and distributing child-related products, also working alongside major childcare and toy industry Groups.

We are the second generation running the company and we, Delphine and Gery, are now ourselves parents of young children and have gained – or are gaining – first hand experience about potty training!

We would like to share our combined experience in this industry and that led us to select this product, as well as our experience as parents.

Gery ToyLet Potty Training Founder


ToyLet® founder

This product captured my attention while visiting a trade show:

it immediately struck me it was a great potty training solution and that it definitely deserved to be marketed and shared!

That’s how the ToyLet® method started. My son Téo will soon start potty training and I am looking forward to being an active part of the ToyLet® testing community.

Delphine ToyLet Potty Training Founder


ToyLet® founder

At the time, my daughter Clara was 18 months old: the right age to start potty training.

I had myself been looking for toilet training methods and was deeply interested by the child oriented and imitation-based approach suggested by the Canadian Pediatric Society.

By encouraging imitation of older individuals, my daughter was soon out of diapers and we started sharing the ToyLet® method.

We extended the testing to childcare providers, other parents, pediatricians and nurses.

The feedback was unanimous: they all found ToyLet® extremely helpful.

The realistic design and features, like the toilet roll holder and flushing sound provide the necessary clues for a friendly transition to the potty!

Today an increasing number of parents and childcare providers have been enjoying friendly potty training thanks to the ToyLet® method.

You can find their Reviews here.

You are also welcome to visit our Tips section – the place where we share potty training tips, information and experiences!

Potty training made easy

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Happy parents and toddlers

Mission: potty training. Accomplished!

5 months ago
Heidi Hendrickson

Perfect potty training tool.

5 months ago

This is such a cute potty. The perfect size and my 18 month old loves it.

6 months ago

I love this potty. It’s as close to the real deal as you can get to an actual toilet. It also reminds me of the one I had as a little girl.

My little one just turned 1 but I wanted to get this for her as a birthday gift and to get a jumpstart on potty training. I wanted something that looked like a real toilet so that she wouldn’t confuse it with something to play with, since she’s so young.
She loves flushing it. It’s her favourite feature and opening and closing the potty.

8 months ago

My daughter is finally showing signs of needing to be potty trained. As a single mom I have missed a lot of first working so now that I’m home I’m so excited to be the one to help her potty train.
This training potty is the perfect size for my little one. She was so excited to have her own potty! It was easy to assemble and she loves that it makes a flushing sound just like a normal toilet.
I would definitely buy this product again.
I love that this potty makes my baby feel accomplished and proud of herself at becoming a big girl.

1 year ago

Katlyn Cyphert

Easy to put together. Perfect size for my 21 month old.


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